36th Day of Coach Tourism

Thematic tours: With well-chosen ingredients to exquisite experiences

Travellers expect the exceptional: More than luxurious hotels, not only a potpourri of sights, but rather the stimulating presentation of a theme that fascinates the target group. A journey in space and time that is completely different from adventure, city and round trips. Associations and professional organisations often claim competence in subjects that give those trips exclusivity, demand and flexibility in terms of price. How can excitement be transferred to business success?

Multiply competence, replicate success: Customisation for specialised markets so that development and specialisation expenses pay off.

Target multipliers and specific target groups: Thematic tours need content and target group orientation concerning tendering, marketing and performance - often in cooperation with multipliers, associations and organisations.

Events create themes: Mega events, staged events, theme parks, festivals and museum exhibitions offer inexhaustible sources for thousands of thematic tours. Docking creates demand.

Theme years are guiding lights for incoming travel.

Event cycle - long-term events, yearly and epochal events require differentiated marketing and realisation. Will tried and trusted be repetitive?

Access to coveted tickets for popular prices and industry-geared conditions. Fairness concerning refund, cancellation, selling off tickets for incentives?

Thematic tours off-season, but not out of fashion: Many occasions are "in", mobilise demand in times when your coaches do not move.

Driving with funding: Development funds, public budgets and capital investments can mobilise participants - docking to event promotion can be worthwhile.

Expertise in specialised markets: Package tour operators - idea generators and suppliers of the coach and group tourism industry.

Qualified tour guides are the essence of the thematic tour.

Experiences of coach and group tour operators.

International perspective - Insights of a Car Tourisme entrepreneur.

Enthusiasm decides - Passion Plays Oberammergau: Secrets of the worldwide largest history in thematic and event tourism!

Controversial issues and theses will be discussed during the "Day of Coach Tourism" on January 8th, 2018 in Saarbrücken, Germany. Host of the industry kick-off event is Visit Saarland. In the Saarbrücker Schloss, a former medieval castle, you can expect expert statements and a panel discussion where different perspectives are expressed - and you as a member of the audience will as well be able to express your opinion! The sector forum for peer discussions and exchange of experiences with the speakers - before, during and after the "Day of Coach Tourism". Tune in on this industry event at the traditional informal get-together on the evening prior to the "Day of Coach Tourism"!


Tune in on this industry event at the informal get-together on the evening prior to the "Day of Coach Tourism"! 

Participation is free and open to trade members only.

Your input and ideas are also appreciated and are most welcome in advance of the event. So please contact RDA CEO Dieter Gauf if you would like to make such a contribution (gauf@rda.de)

Registration for the 36th Day of Coach Tourism in Saarbrücken, Germany, is available HERE